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Jamie Chung loves wearable tech
Jamie Chung loves wearable techJamie Chung is a famous actress, blogger and also a reality TV star. She moved to stardom from her role in the MTV reality show The Real World: San Diego and also in their spin-offs. Many consider her to be very successful. Her blog What the Chung? is also very popular. Jamie later catapulted into…
Gucci Has Show at Westminster Abbey
Gucci Has Show at Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey, also known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, is a medieval, historic church situated in the City of Westminster. History says an image of Saint Peter was seen alongside this site. This has been attributed to the abundance of fish that the Thames fishermen…

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3 Hairstyles to Keep You Cool This Summer
3 Hairstyles to Keep You Cool This SummerSummer is undeniably one of the most-loved seasons of the year. The warm weather allows you to stay outdoors and have fun with your loved ones all day long. But it also cannot be denied that there is something about the summer heat that makes you not in the mood and unenthusiastic. You tend to lose…Read More
Four no fuss hairstyles right out of the shower
Four no fuss hairstyles right out of the showerWatching the models on the red carpet has been something that every woman has done at some point, and while you are looking I bet that you thought their hairstyles are completely gorgeous, and it must be so hard to do. Everyone has the impression that it takes a team of highly trained professionals…Read More
Men's latest and bizarre hairstyles
Men's latest and bizarre hairstylesIn 17th Century, men used the French style wigs and also started to grow long, wavy or hair with curls. It was common for the French men to dye their hair during that time. These styles were adopted by the king or by any ruler and were copied by fellow countrymen. Every country had its own popular…Read More

The New Pixie-Cut and Bob-Cut for 2016
The New Pixie-Cut and Bob-Cut for 20162016 is just underway, but the pixie and bob cut are proving to be a strong fashion statement that will last throughout the year. Many top celebrities have featured and elevated the cut’s popularity, including Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Robin Wright, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anne…Read More
Stunning Ways to Wear a Ponytail
Stunning Ways to Wear a PonytailPonytails originally were worn to keep the hair out of a woman or girl’s eyes. They can be worn informally, in the office, when exercising and can be worn for formal affairs. They can be tied up with a ribbon, elastic or fancy accessories. They are most often created by gathering the hair at…Read More
Amazing Ombre Hair Examples
Amazing Ombre Hair ExamplesOmbre hair was very popular and it is staying there. This means that you cannot go wrong with these hairstyles. This is a coloring technique of your hair that starts dark at the roots and get lighter on the way up. A good side is that it requires a very little of maintenance. In fact, the minimum of…Read More

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